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Below is a list of all Feeder songs currently available for download from most major download shops, including the Echo Download Shop, iTunes, War Child Music and eMusic.

Five of the six live versions of Lost And Found (Hammersmith 22/03/06, Brighton 24/03/06, Birmingham 25/03/06, Manchester Academy and Billy Sloan Clyde 1) are exclusive to the Echo Download Shop. The other live version (Hammersmith 21/03/06) is also available from iTunes.

Save Us (Acoustic) and Save Us (Landscapes Mix Instrumental) are exclusive to War Child Music.

20th Century Trip Bitter Glass
Blockheads Bring It Home
Bring It Together Broken
Clouds Bruised
Buck Rogers Bug
Bullet Burn The Bridges
Can't Dance To Disco Can't Stand Losing You
Cement Change
Chicken On A Bone Chicken On A Bone (Re-worked Version)
Child In You Child In You (Acoustic Living Room Session)
Choke Circles
Cockroach Come Back Around (2001 version)
Come Back Around Come Back Around (Acoustic Session)
Comfort In Sound (Edit) Everybody Hurts : Your War Is Not With Me (War Child Video)
Comfort In Sound (Spike Mix) Crash
Crash (Full Length Version) Crash Mat
Crowd Of Stars Day In Day Out
Descend Don't Bring Me Down
Dove Grey Sands Dove Grey Sands (Acoustic Session)
Dry (Acoustic) Eclipse
Elegy Emily
Everybody Hurts (Full Band Version) Feeling A Moment
Feeling A Moment (Edit) Feeling A Moment (Radio Edit)
Feeling A Moment (Pete Lavelle's Squeaky Clean Mix) Feel It Again
Find The Colour Find The Colour (Single Version - Edit)
Find The Colour (Single Version) Forever Glow
Forget About Tomorrow Forgive
Forgive (Acoustic Session) Forgiven
Frequency Frequency (Vox And Piano Version)
Getting To Know You Well Godzilla
Helium Helium (Acoustic)
Here In The Bubble High
High (Acoustic) High 5
Home For Summer Honeyfuzz
I For You I Need A Buzz
Insomnia Just A Day
Just A Day (Edit) Just A Day (Full Length)
Just The Way I'm Feeling Just The Way I'm Feeling (Edit)
Living In Polaroid Pushing The Senses (Live From Brussels)
Pushing The Senses (Acoustic) Lose The Fear
Lost & Found Lost & Found (Acoustic Version)
Lost & Found (Live @ Hammersmith 21st March 2006) Lost & Found (Live @ Hammersmith 22nd March 2006)
Lost & Found (Live @ Brighton 24th March 2006) Lost & Found (Live @ Birmingham 25th March 2006)
Lost & Found (Billy Sloan Clyde 1 Session) Lost & Found (Live @ Manchester Academy for XFM)
Love Pollution Moonshine
Morning Life Murmer
My Perfect Day My Perfect Day (Single Version)
Opaque Oxygen
Pain On Pain Paperfaces (Single Version)
Paperfaces Pictures Of Pain
Pictures Of Pain (Re-worked Version) Piece By Piece
Pilgrim Soul Polythene Girl
Polythene Girl (Re-worked Version) Purify
Pushing The Senses Pushing The Senses (Chris Sheldon Mix)
Quick Fade Radiation
Redemption Remember The Silence
Reminders Rush (Live)
Satellite News Save Us
Save Us (Single Version) Save Us (Landscapes Version Instrumental)
Save Us (Acoustic) Save Us (Video)
Seven Days In The Sun Seven Days In The Sun (Radio Edit)
Shade Shatter
Shatter (Jeremy Wheatley Remix) Slowburn
Space Age Hero Spill
Standing On The Edge Stereo World
Suffocate Suffocate (Single Version)
Suffocate (Single Version - Radio Edit) Summers Gone
Sweet 16 Swim
Swim (Alternative Version) Tangerine
Tell All Your Friends Tender
The Power Of Love Tinsel Town (Acoustic)
Tinsel Town (Radio 1 Session) Tomorrow Shine
Turn Turn (Full Length Version)
Tumble And Fall Under The Weather
Undivided W.I.T.
Waterfall We Can't Rewind
Whooey World Asleep
Ya Don't See The Signs (Grant Nicholas Remix) Yesterday Went Too Soon
Yesterday Went Too Soon (Edit) You're My Evergreen (Radio 1 Session)
Save Us (Live From Brussels) Save Us (Stephen Street Mix)
We Are The People Itsumo
Miss You Tracing Lines
Silent Cry Fires
Heads Held High 8.18
Who's The Enemy Space
Into The Blue Guided By A Voice
Sonorous Yeah Yeah
Every Minute Public Image
Into The Blue (Video)Renegades
Sentimental Godhead
Call Out (Radio Edit) White Lines
Call Out This Town
Down To The River City In A Rut
Left Foot Right The End
Fallen Sending Out Waves
Down To The River (Radio Edit)Side By Side
Borders Arms
Borders (Acoustic) Side By Side (Acoustic)
Oh My Idaho
Hey Johnny Quiet
Sunrise Generation Freakshow
Tiny Minds In All Honesty
Headstrong Fools Can't Sleep
Children Of The Sun Miles Away
Find A Place Sky Life
Stay If You Want To Eskimo
Universe Of Life Geezer
Paperweight Infrared-Ultraviolet
Oh MaryThe Impossible
Divide The Minority Angels And Lullabys
Holy WaterHundred Liars
Another Day On Earth Slint
Eyes To The Sky Figure You Out
Walk Away Bees
Veins Sound Of Birds
Arrow Dive
Sirens Landslide
Idaho (Instrumental) Oh Mary (Acoustic)
Save Us (Landscapes Vocal Mix) We Are The People (Single Version)
We Are The People (Extended Version) We Are The People (Acoustic Version)
Youth Blue Sky Blue
Daily Habit Fear Of Flying
Rodeo Tallulah
Shapes And Sounds Guillotine
Kyoto Kite
Windmill Lonely Hollow Days